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Shine Interview

4.2 ( 4432 ratings )
Utvecklare: Cornerways Consulting

If you’ve found Shine, it’s likely you’re about to embark on a video interview!

If you’ve never used a video interviewing platform, don’t worry, Shine is super easy to use – like an iPhone, you should just be able to download the app and away you go!

After downloading the free app onto your iPhone or iPad, simply enter the access code from your welcome email. You can complete the interview in your own time, as long as it is before the closing date.

You will have the opportunity to take a practice question as many times as you like before starting, but remember to treat it the same as a face to face interview – make sure you are in a quiet, well lit room with no distractions.

Good luck and feel free to look for useful tips in places like our blog and our social media sites. Relax, look into the camera and let yourself Shine!